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Production ceased: Makeshift masks & face shields for medical staff and people in at-risk groups in Berlin
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Driving on sight.

Since March 23, we have provided people in the medical and social field in Berlin and Brandenburg with around 1,600 makeshift masks and around 25,000 visors free of charge.

We came together from different hack & makespaces, via social networks, college and personal relationships and just started doing things. In a few weeks, we developed an infrastructure that handled production, transport and distribution, and constantly adapted and improved it to our requirements.

Currently the hygiene product situation in Germany has eased and requests for us have declined sharply. In the past two weeks we have sent large deliveries to other countries, in cooperation with 'Doctors Without Borders', but in those countries as well, many volunteers are sewing and printing, so the logistical effort for both sides is not worthwhile.

At the same time, the donations from which we finance our production materials are exhausted. We ourselves are a bit exhausted as well- after weeks engaged with sewing machines, 3D printers, on bikes and in front of computers, most of us now need time for work, family and relaxation.

We are therefore halting our work until further notice, hoping that we will not be needed again, but with the certainty of how much we can achieve, should it become necessary again.

Thank you to all drivers, organizers, donors, designers and makers, digital and analog! The experience of how much can be done together has inspired us all through the crisis and has given us a lot of courage and hope.

Please stay healthy!

Your team

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Click here for the x-hain website

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At the moment there is nothing to do. If you would like to be contacted when this situation changes, we will gladly add you to our Newsletter.

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I want to learn how to sew makeshift masks

1. The Right Fabric

The fabric is suitable if it meets the following requirements

Thin fabric is better than thick. Suitable materials are: tablecloths, handkerchiefs, T-shirts and a few curtain fabrics (not too thick). You can also use jeans. Less suitable: bed sheets/jersey.

Please note: The filter effect is provided by the filter used, not the cotton fabric!

2. The Right Cutting Pattern

There are many different cutting patterns, unfortunately the quality of the results also varies greatly. The pattern must meet the following requirements:

We recommend using the following pattern: PDF-Download Schnittmuster mit Nähanleitung PDF download pattern with sewing instructions Patron de couture PDF avec instructions de couture Dikiş talimatları içeren PDF dikiş deseni

Video Tutorial (Link to Youtube).

Notes on makeshift masks

Notes on makeshift masks for private individuals

This makeshift mask is a backup and does not guarantee protection against infection. Use at your own risk.

Instructions for makeshift masks for people in critical infrastructures

Legal coverage: A makeshift mask from us does not in any way replace the applicable hygiene guidelines for hospitals and does not represent a guaranteed protection against infection. Use at your own risk.

I want to print 3D shields

If you want to help with your own 3D printer, you can find our current version here.

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